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Fall Children’s Fishing Classic – Rules & Regulations

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Honorary Tournament Director: __________________

Where & When:  Fishing, Lake Lanier, Saturday, October 20, 2018

Eligibility: All youths 6 to 15 years of age are eligible to participate in the tournament.  Those persons 16 years of age and above can fish with their registered youth, but are not eligible to compete in the tournament or qualify for any prizes.  All registered, eligible participants are NOT required to have a Georgia fishing license.  However, all those above 15 years of age fishing with a registered youth must have a current Georgia fishing license.

Registration: Each child/youth and adult partner or boat captain must complete a separate registration form on the web site  Registration for both child / youth and adult / captain team members are currently open.  The tournament will be limited to the first 100 children / youth’s to register.  Upon reaching the 100 limit, the Tournament Director will close the registration and no additional registrants will be considered.

Teams: All teams consist of at least one child / youth (passenger) and one adult captain (owner of the boat or if fishing without a boat, the adult).  It is necessary that both the child / youth and captain / adult register on the web site listed above.

Each team will have one captain.  The captain must register on the web site, listing his/her passengers.  If a captain is registered without any passengers, children/youths will be assigned to him/her by the Tournament Director.  A team may have more than one child / youth.  At the time of registration, a child / youth should designate his / her captain / adult partner.  If a captain / adult partner is not specified, one will be assigned to the child (youth) by the Tournament Director.

Fishing Rules:

  • Lines in the water at first light or later, at the discretion of the adult (captain)
  • All members of each team must appear at the weigh-in no later than 12:00 PM at Bolding Mill Park, 4044 Chestatee Rd., Gainesville, GA, to qualify for tournament awards and prizes.
  • If a fish is hooked on a non participating persons line, he/she may hand the fishing pole to a participating child (youth).  If the participating child (youth) lands the fish by his/her self, it will qualify to be counted for that child (youth) in the tournament results.
  • A fish that is caught by a participant and another person nets the fish, the fish will qualify to be counted for the participant.

Weigh In:  All participants and passengers that are on the registration form including the adult (captain) must be at the weigh-in at Bolding Mill Park Pavilion no later than 12:00 PM, with their catch.  Since we have several different fishing clubs participating in this tournament, we will have 3 different categories of fish eligible for awards and prizes.  Each registered participating fishing club will use their rules and weigh-in process to determine the child’s (youth’s) participant’s fish size for bass and stripers.  The representative from each club must present a picture (telephone camera picture allowed) and the length of the bass or striper for each participating child (youth) at the Bolding Mill Pavilion to be eligible for tournament awards and prizes.

  • Crappie: The largest crappie by weight, for each participant, will vie for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards.
  • Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass & Striper:  The largest bass, by length, for each participant, will vie for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards.  See above in “weigh-in” for qualification of fish caught.

Awards & Prizes:  At the conclusion of all the activities and meal, awards and prizes will be presented to qualifying child (youth) participants placing 1st, 2nd 3rd in each fish category identified above.   Also, in addition to the above, each qualifying participant in the tournament present at the awards presentation, will be given a new fishing rod and reel and a certificate to take home.

Complementary Meal:  Upon completion of the weigh-in ceremony, hot dogs will be served at the Bolding Mills Pavilion hosted by O’Neill Williams.

State Laws and Regulations:  All tournament participants, children, youths, adults and captains must comply with all state laws and regulations as they pertain to fishing and boating on Lake Lanier.  It will be the responsibility of each boat captain to ensure that each person in his/her boat has a state approved Personal Flotation Device (life vest).  All passengers on the boat 13 years of age and under MUST wear his/her life vest at all times when in the boat.


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